Factory Made CNC Lathe CNC Machined Aluminum Parts

Product Name: Factory manufacture cnc lathe  cnc machined aluminum parts  Maximum Part Size:CNC Machining CenterMaximum Part Size (mm)3-axis1500*800*6004-axis1050*460*5105-axis850*850*650Materials:Metals:   · Aluminum  · Stainless Steel  · Brass&nbs

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Product Name: Factory manufacture cnc lathe  cnc machined aluminum parts

Maximum Part Size:
CNC Machining CenterMaximum Part Size (mm)

Metals:   · Aluminum  · Stainless Steel  · Brass  · Copper  · Titanium    · Mild steel    · Tool Steel    · Inconel                 
Plastic:   · POM(Derlin/Acetal)  · Nylon · ABS    · PEEK    ·  PTFE(Teflon)    · Polycarbonate    · Polythylene     · PVC    · PMMA(Arcylic)     · PET    · Polypropylene
Part Size/DimensionTolerance Angularity
<300mm± .005'' (0.125 mm)± 0.5°
<600mm± .010'' (0.250 mm)± 1°
<900mm± 1/16'' (0.400 mm)± 1°

Surface Treatment:
As machined
(Ra 3.2μm, 126μin)
Smooth machining (Ra1.6µm,63 µin)Brushed
(1.2 Ra μm/47 Ra μin)
Powder coatedBead blastedPolishing (0.8 Raμm/32 Ra μin)
Black oxideChromate Conversion Coating (Alodine)Chromate Conversion Coating (Alodine)Bead blasted + Anodized type II (Matte)Anodized type III (Hardcoat)Brushed + Electropolished (Ra0.8µm, 32µin)

Part Marking:
Recommended text considerations for CNC miling:
· Plastic and soft metals: Minimum width of 0.018 in.(0.457mm),depth of 0.0118 in.(0.3mm). Example text size would be 16 point Arial Rounded MT font.
· Hard metals: Minimum width of 0.33 in.(0.838mm) and depth of 0.0118 in. (0.3mm). Example text size would be 22 point Arial Pounded MT font.
· IF design permits it, opt for recessed text versus raised.

1Application:Auto /Moto Parts, Machinery Parts, Lighting Components, Hardware Accessories, Electric Motor Products, etc
Agricultural Machinery, Home Appliances, Furniture Hardware, Medical Equipment
2Materials:Metals: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Titanium, Mild steel, Tool Steel, Inconel
Plastic: POM(Derlin/Acetal), Nylon, ABS, PEEK, PTFE(Teflon),Polycarbonate, Polythylene, PVC, PMMA(Arcylic), PET, Polypropylene
3Machining:Cleaning, Turning, Milling, Drilling, Grinding,Sheet Metal,Welding,Cutting,Discharge,3D Printing etc
4Surface Treatment:Polishing, Deburring, Chrome Plate, Ni Plated, Zine plated, Silver platinng, etc
Clear anodizing, Anodizing black, Carburizing Nitriding, Heat Treatment, etc
6Detection Equipment:Hexagon CMM, TESA Height Gauge, Two dimensional image measuring instrument,
Projector, Micrometer, etc
7QC System:100% Inspection before shipment
IQC → IPQC → OQC/FQC → Quality Complain Feedback → Audit & Training.
8Certification:ISO9001: 2008; ISO13485; AS9100
9Payment Term:T/T, LC at sight, PayPal, Credit card
10Trade Terms:FOB, CFR, EXW
11Delivery Time:10days for sample, 25days for mass goods
12Our Advantages:Reliable Quality
Moderate Price
High precision
DMU,MAZAK, FINUC CNC Machining Centres, all of enquipments were imported from Japan/Germany
Professional Engineers team with full experience
On-Time Delivery
Quick Response
Excellent After-Sales Service

Factory Manufacture CNC Lathe CNC Machined Aluminum Parts
Factory Manufacture CNC Lathe CNC Machined Aluminum Parts
Factory Manufacture CNC Lathe CNC Machined Aluminum Parts
Factory Manufacture CNC Lathe CNC Machined Aluminum Parts
Factory Manufacture CNC Lathe CNC Machined Aluminum Parts
Factory Manufacture CNC Lathe CNC Machined Aluminum Parts
Patent NumberCategoryPatent Name
202021330653.3Utility modelCritical bonding device for 45 steel surface
202021329385.3Utility model
Anti-oxidation nano aluminum substrate
201821378082.3Utility modelScrew nut fastening components
201620138707.3Utility modelHigh precision optical support
201610536831.XInventionThe molding process of conductive foam using concave-convex Mylar
201911247752.7InventionPreparation method and application of graphite and conductive composite film
202010646632.0InventionStructure optimized omnidirectional conductive foam and preparation method
202010645972.1InventionEMI shielding optimized coating and preparation method
Factory Manufacture CNC Lathe CNC Machined Aluminum Parts

 Q1: Are you a factory or a trading company?
 A1: We are a professional manufacturer of CNC parts for over 14 years.
Q2: How can I get a quotation?
 A2: Please send a drawing (2D and 3D drawing), quantity, and address with code for quotation.

Q3: What is the minimum size tolerance you can do?
A3: The minimum size tolerance we can do is 0.001mm.
Q4: What is the biggest range you can do?
A4: The biggest range we can do is 1500mm.
Q5: Can you do precise and complicated CNC parts?
A5: Yes, we can do precise and complicated CNC parts by our 5/4/3 axis CNC machines
Q6: Can you accept sample order?
A6: Yes, the sample order is ok. Charge base cost and refund as ok.
Q7: Can you accept custom packaging?
A7: Custom packaging is ok.


Q8: How to control the final quality?

A8: All production steps and finish products are inspected by the QC team.


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